How often do you come across a gym that’s open 24 hours and offers a pay-per-entry option? Well, looks like its the rising trend now that Anytime Fitness is available here.


Body Factory Gym & Fitness Centre (BF) is one of those places. What surprised me was that they also call themselves a fitness centre so not just a hardcore metal gym then. Well, after giving the place a visit, I see what they are trying to achieve.


They have an infrared sauna room that you can use to melt some fats and release the tension of your muscles. For per entry visitors, you need to pay an extra RM5 to be able too use it. Not much, but it suffice if you are looking for a quick sweat. Not too sure about the hygiene though. I personally have my doubts about utilities like these.




Overall, the toilet area and showers are decently clean. Clean enough for you to take a shower after your workout before going  on with your other activities.


Lockers are provided, but you will need to bring your own padlock. Similar to Celebrity Fitness, though in a more rugged fashion.

Now, amenities covered, let’s move on to the main points. The floor. Mind you, I did not take much photos as there was quite a crowd when I was there so I didn’t want to affect their workout much. AND it was a Friday night.

The entrance has a finger print scanner so if you are there for a per entry visit, you will need to signal the guy at the counter and he will give the access for you. At the entrance itself you see the cardio section and they have a pretty decent number of machines. (Didn’t do cardio that day so not sure if all are in working condition.)




Further in (the building’s quite long) you’ll see some weight machines, namely squat machine, thighs, pull down and a few more.

I forgot to mention earlier that this gym spans 3 floors from what I remember. This being the ground floor. Moving on to the second floor is where it’s usually the most packed.





See the number of people? Yeah, so I only took these few photos and moved on.

Anyways, the place is pretty well equipped with machines for all muscle targets available and a good number of free weights and benches to work with. The only problem is, it gets quite cramped as there are just too many equipment being squeezed onto the limited space. I found myself going through a maze of people when trying to get from one set to another.

Nevertheless, minus the number of men (Wouldn’t mind if ladies were there =P, which there were a few that night.) it’s a good place for a complete workout. Ventilation-wise was pretty good with decent airflow but enough heat so you work up a nice sweat.


On the second floor (which was quiet as if it was haunted), you will find the legs and abs section (maybe that’s why it was quiet). Pretty standard machinery.

There was an open area (a balcony of sorts) on this floor that is accessible for outdoor workouts or nicotine hit if you are running low on creatine and caffeine. I was not able to take a photo as it was raining cats and dogs at the time and was pretty dark. The reception dude told me that they may have a plan to do some Zumba or group workout out there in the future.

That’s pretty much it. According to their Facebook page, they have Zumba classes as well but I did not see where the studio was. And I made a mistake of not taking the brochure so I forgot the membership rates. But I remember it being around the RM100 range per month and doesn’t vary far from most of the pay per entry gyms around.


Price per entry: RM11 (although the sign said RM10. May have been duped.)


Equipment variety: 5 /5

Equipment maintenance: 3 /5 (most machines can no longer see the weight digits)

Cleanliness: 3.5 /5

Shower?: Yes

Lockers?: Yes (BYOP – bring your own padlock)

Air-conditioning?: Yes – but could hardly feel it

Parking?: Roadside if you’re cheap, inside the area if you don’t mind paying RM1

Overall score: 4 /5

Location & Contact Details:

Unit 11, Ground, 1st, & 2nd Floor, PJ21 Commercial Centre,
Jalan SS3/39. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone: 03-7865 6292

Review by DT