A straight forward simple gym where you go to get your workout done and nothing else. Rather small in size with quite limited equipment but still enough to get a proper pump in. They do have a couple of pros that I will mention ahead.

Located in Damansara Perdana at a the top floor (4th floor) of a corner shoplot, it’s pretty hard to miss. Especially with a rather decent TomYam place right below. Perfect for pre or post workout meals, whichever suits your fancy.


When you walk into the stairway / lift area, you are greeted by their banner so you know you are in the right place. I would highly recommend taking the stairs instead of the lift (don’t be a lazy shit). Climbing up 4 flights of stairs is enough of a warm up so that you can get straight to lifting once you hit the floor. If you like challenges, you can run up (and down a few times if you like).


Please pardon the shitty photos. I have a lousy phone and shall remember to bring my camera the next time.

It’s only one floor so the moment you step in, what you see is what you get. Pretty standard equipment albeit only one each so be prepared to wait if you go at night when there is a crowd. One squat rack, cable fly, Smith machine, bench, incline bench…you can tell from the photos.

The equipment are all new including their treadmills and cycles so condition-wise is pretty mint for now. Selection of plates are pretty extensive too so you get a decent range of weights to play with.


Here’s an extra pro which made me like the place apart from it being really close to where I live. They have a punching bag and ropes!

Most places I’ve been to don’t have these. Although some newer gyms opening up will tend to have a small area for these, it’s still taking some time to pick up here. Anyways, these are good for attacking compound workouts and accelerating the heart rate. Mats and boxing gloves are provided in the little cardboard box hidden behind the punching bag among a few smaller equipment to work with.

There is one TRX if wanna use that as well. Alternatively, that bar will work okay as a pull up bar when the cable fly is taken.


They had a parallel bar at one point until someone when all Incredible Hulk with their dips I guess. So for now you only have a singular bar. If you are creative, you can still use it for a quick pump.


Lockers are provided but don’t expect to fit a humongous gym bag in it so a simple backpack and sling-bag will do to carry your necessities. The keys are available upon request and availability at the counter. No deposit or payment required.

I’m a little particular when it comes to hygiene so the washroom was a bit of a turnoff. There is no proper shower, unless you don’t mind using the bidet/hose for a quick bath. The floor is not someplace that I would walk on barefoot if given a choice so yeah…This was definitely a minus on my books.

All in all, like I said earlier, a simple and straight forward gym to go in, get pumped, get out. Very affordable price rate too.

Additional info: Protein shake / Mass gainer / Pre-workout is available at RM5 each.


Price per entry: RM5 before 4pm | RM8 after 4pm

Membership rates:


Equipment variety: 2.5 /5

Equipment maintenance: 4.5 /5 

Cleanliness: 2.5 /5 (apart from toilet, was pretty dusty)

Shower?: BIDET otherwise, nope

Lockers?: Yes 

Air-conditioning?: No – Ceiling fans only

Parking?: Street parking

Overall score: 3 /5

Location & Contact Details:

19-5, Level 4, Jalan PJU 8/5i,
Bandar Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor 47820, Malaysia
Phone: 03-7732 0204

Operating hours:
Weekdays: 10am – 2am
Weekends: 9.00am – 6.00pm

Review by DT