A mix of old school hardcore iron gym with the new. Now when I say old school iron gym, I really mean iron gym.


Most weight equipment these days come padded, but here, you also get solid metal plates. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger era kinda plates.


Not to mention quite a bit of rust on some of the equipment.

Nevertheless, even with all the rust and hardcore eccentricity, the equipment are well maintained and worked smoothly. In this gym, you will literally have equipment to target any muscle range on your body you can think of (except of course, your penis, that you will need a different equipment).







But seriously, the number of machines they squeezed into this tiny space was impressive. Which brings to my dislike on this place. As there was just too many things cramped into it, the space for you to move around was very little. Every machine I used, my leg would be resting on another machine next to me or in front of me.

I stretch my leg forward, I kick a machine.

I outstretch my arm, I hit a machine.

I did see construction going on in the unit next door (the wall was knocked down). I hope that is an expansion of their current space and that some of the equipment will be moved there.




The toilet is quite clean, which surprised me slightly with the condition of the gym floor. A shower is provided with heater so you are able to take a shower after your workout if you don’t mind the simple amenities provided.


There were lockers there but when I asked, the guy told me that the lockers were full. Weird, seeing as there were only 6 of us in the gym at the time and looked to me as if there were more than enough for all of us there. BUT, the lockers have seen better days so it wouldn’t have made much difference anyway.


This banner/board was above the counter showing a list of shakes and the prices. I didn’t ask about it, as the guy manning the counter was busy working out with his friend, but I did not see any sign that these powders were anywhere in the gym. So I have my doubts.

Oh, and all their drinks were out of stock too (mineral water, isotonic drinks and monster drinks). All that was left was soya bean. Again, weird, seeing as 99 Speedmart was directly across the street (hugely visible even from the gym’s window), KK Speedmart at the next block, Jaya Grocer within 500m and Tesco within 2km.


My overall thoughts is that they have very extensive equipment and gives you the hardcore iron gym vibe (if that’s what you like). However, the space is way too cramped and could use better lighting. At night, the whole place looked musty and old. Dust and rust was in the air every step you took.

Their Facebook page promotes highly on their Zumba classes at their main branch in Sg. Buloh. I guess it’s a ways to go for their Damansara Perdana branch before they are able to have classes and other activities.

Safe to say, unless they expand the space and give it a fresh coat of paint with some additional lighting, this is my first and last visit to this place.


Price per entry: RM10 / RM8 (assuming this is for ladies)

Membership rates:


Equipment variety: 5 /5

Equipment maintenance: 2 /5 (rust, rust everywhere and no drinking water)

Cleanliness: 2 /5 

Shower?: Yes

Lockers?: Yes (though I doubt its of any use)

Air-conditioning?: Yes – but not on. So only ceiling fans.

Parking?: Street parking

Overall score: 2 /5

Location & Contact Details:

2nd Floor, 2 – 3, Jalan PJU 8/5g,
Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia.


Operating hours:
Monday – Sunday: 8am – 12am                                                                                                         Friday: Rest from 12pm – 3pm

p.s. I gotta get myself a new and better phone. Photo quality sucks.
Reviewed by DT