As the name suggests, be prepared for encouragement from the green monster himself when you go through your sets here. You will come across a large mural and mini figurines of the infamous Marvel character not to mention GREEN equipments!

Moving on from the appearance of the place, let’s get down to the details and talk about their equipment as well as the general conditions of the gym.




As per most gyms, Hulk Gym offers the choice of both membership and pay-per-entry options. I have to admit, their per entry fee is on a rather high side at RM10 per entry.


They also offer usage of their lockers which are in the changing rooms to store your belongings. However, you will be required to pay a deposit of RM5 for access to the lockers and this will be refunded to you in full when you return the key after your session.


They have a small range of cardio machines namely, 3-4 elliptical machines and about 5 or 6 treadmills. Unfortunately, half these machines are either out of order or not in full working conditions. You are able to get your cardio in but you may have troubles setting your speed and resistance. The machines also look like they were bought second hand as there are highly visible marks of wear and tear that shouldn’t be there within the time period that they have been in this location.





BUT, cardio is not my main focus of workout so moving on….=D

I’m pretty impressed by their selection of weights and weight machines available for a relatively small space. Again though, some of the machines have seen better days and could use a bit of maintenance work.


Their free weights section were decently equipped with 2 sets of weights lined up with a few basic benches (flat, adjustable incline, straight) for your pumps.



The Hulk motivating your squats

The changing room / washroom is relatively clean and shower is provided with heater. Only downside is there is sometimes smell coming from the toilet side. Nothing unbearable if you go in for a quick release. But if you expect to stay in there longer, be prepared to hold your breath multiple times.





Overall, it’s an okay sort of gym for you to get your sets in with sufficient equipment to target almost all muscles. On the downside, the price is pretty steep for the lack of maintenance of equipment. A price to pay for convenience if this gym is close to home / office I guess. Oh, they also sell protein shakes at RM10 per bottle if you don’t have your own.


Price per entry: RM10

Equipment variety: 4 /5

Equipment maintenance: 2.5 /5

Cleanliness: 3.5 /5

Shower?: Yes

Lockers?: Yes

Air-conditioning?: Yes – but could hardly feel it

Parking?: Roadside if you’re cheap, along the shops if you don’t mind paying

Overall score: 3 /5


Location & Contact Details:

2-1 One Avenue Bandar Utama,

Jalan Masjid pju6A

Petaling Jaya,47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor.


Contact: 0193077459


Review by DT