As ‘xtreme’  as the name may sound, this would be one of the friendliest gym you’ll ever come across with. Rather than a straight forward simple gym where you’d go for the sake of getting a pump,they offer a wide variety of equipments and classes such as Muay Thai and Zumba as well (which I’ll come back to that later).


Located in Wangsa Melawati shoplots area , there’s literally no way you’d miss the place as there are many landmarks nearby such as KWSP and  Lim Tayar but just keep a lookout Restoran Wangsa Grill as the gym is located right above it on the second floor.

Most gyms and fitness centres tend to accommodate their male members in general by having heavy ass weights and hardcore machines in their gym, which is what that makes this gym different than the others. They do prioritise female walk-in guests & members and have a separate training room for ladies (and male members), giving you ladies some sense of privacy and comfort.


Not forgetting to mention it comes with its ladies-only restroom and changing area. So for those ladies who’re always “freaked out” with big guys around you, this’ll be a good place to try your workouts as walk-in guests are not permitted to enter the area.

Now let’s talk about the equipments. You can find most of the equipments that hits all your muscle groups with a wide range of plates and dumbbells selection. Bench press, smith machines, squat racks, you name it they have it.



Technically, its safe to say that all of them well maintained and works smoothly. I’ve noticed that whenever an equipment is broken, they tend to get it fixed within few days and it’ll be back in use.

For those cardio lovers , there are bunch of treadmills and cycles available and are fully functional , so feel free to jump on and do whatever you guys do (I don’t know what that is but yeah no judgements intended)

There are plenty of empty spaces around the area itself hence parking should be the least of your worries. For those who rely on public transport to go to the gym (I feel you) , you can just hop on either one of these buses (T221 or T222) from Rampai LRT station to reach here.

Now back to the classes. As for the Muay Thai, the class is conducted by Mr Fauzi Hamidin from Viper Muay Thai with a admission fee of RM 80 /month for non-members. There are no fees for active members.

Schedule: 4 times a month (every Thursday)
Time: 9pm-11pm

The Zumba classes on the other hand is conducted by Miss Zin AKO with an admission fee of RM 20 for single entry. You may also opt for the available Package of 5 classes for RM 75

Schedule: Twice a week
Wednesday: 8.30pm until 9.30pm
Saturday: 9.30am until 10.30am

The toilets are pretty clean. A rain shower is also available for those who’d want to take a shower after your workout. Simple but better than nothing. Lockers are available for both members and walk in guest (small fee applies)

Punching bag and ropes are also available however its only for paid members. The gym also sells supplements & gears (lifting belts etc) which you can check out the prices at the counter. And yeah they do have a smoking room for those who want to have a quick smoke (though I don’t see the point of you coming to the gym to do so)

To sum things up, it’s a pretty good gym to get your work done and the price is affordable for the amount of equipment and facilities they have. With the staff being friendly AF, this is definitely not my last visit for sure.

Price per entry: Rm 5

Membership rates:









Equipment variety: 5 /5

Equipment maintenance: 4 /5 

Cleanliness: 4 /5

Shower?: Yes

Lockers?: Yes 

Air-conditioning?: Yes 

Parking?: Ample of parking space

Overall score: 4 /5




Location :

No. 8-2 Lorong Dataran Wangsa, Dataran Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun (8am-12am)

Website: http://www.xtremehardcore.com.my

Contact: 03-4141631

Review by He-man