This is not a World Of Warcraft gym but instead, its a HALAL gym in the heart of TTDI. Ironically, it’s close to where all the bars are at and right above a sinful mamak.

First of all, don’t let the fact that it’s a halal gym get to you. It doesn’t mean only Muslims are allowed in there. They do have certain terms and conditions which is catered specifically for those of the Muslim faith hence why they call themselves a halal gym.

Trust me, my mind wandered, REALLY wandered when they started playing Avenged Sevenfold and Guns N’ Roses on the speakers.

So, down to the details. I’ll explain why they call themselves a halal gym later. =)

It is a brand new gym that just opened in December 2016 in a very well known area of TTDI. The owner(s) of this place spared no expense with all the equipment being brand new. Albeit fairly limited for now but you can bet that they won’t break on you during your workout.







The gym has a pretty huge overall space but they have decided to cram all the equipment to one half of the floor, perhaps with the plan to add more equipment later on. What annoyed me slightly was that this caused the equipment to be quite close to each other when they could have been spread out slightly, giving more room for you to stretch during your sets.

Still, we shall see what’s in store in the near future.


In a good 12 feet of empty space, they decided to put 2 benches there instead. Good for you to take a seat and rest, also to put on your shoes as the benches are right between the lockers provided and the floor.


Lockers are provided for free with the keys already there. So you just need to choose one, place your stuff and lock it.

PLUS POINT: The keys all come with an elastic wristband so you can wear it on your wrist to avoid it dropping out of your pants pocket during your sets.


There is also a reasonably large dance hall for those of you who prefer to join their Zumba classes. Do check out their Facebook page for more info on the timing, trainers and charges of the Zumba classes.



ANOTHER PLUS POINT: They have a water dispenser for you to refill your bottles with either hot, cold or room temperature water and at no charge!

Most places will only sell mineral water at inflated prices. WOW Fitness does too if you forgot to bring your own bottle at a very, VERY reasonable price. Also available are 3-in-1 coffee and tea for your caffeine / sugar fix.



The toilet is nice and clean with a basic shower provided and huge changing room. I kid you not, you can do your warm up stretches in there!


Right, so what makes them a halal gym that stands out from other gyms? Apart from having a surau in the gym for prayers (most if not all gyms don’t have that)…


You have to abide to their workout time windows.

Pay close attention to the time slots because during the ladies’ time slots, there are STRICTLY no men allowed. This even includes all staff on duty being only women and even the owner of the gym himself is not allowed access during these hours (I asked). Of course, this also applies vice versa.

So this place is perfect for those of you ladies that get the creeps when men stare at you a second too long just because you are doing a deadlift or a benchpress (don’t deny it, some of you love the attention).

But this also means no showing off your muscles, and I don’t mean the one in your pants, to them pretty ladies in the gym gents. Unless you are homosexual of course. We don’t judge, but remember…it is a halal gym so you might get quite a few stares.

At the time of my visit, there were no mixed slots available but the guys there told me the owner(s) decided to have mixed slots or as they call it ‘Family Time’ on the weekends so that both genders can partner up for their workouts or just plain flaunting.


Overall, I really liked the place. The staff were friendly, it was kept really clean and equipment brand new. Only cons were that there were not many weight plates available so you had to hunt around a little for the right pair and that the equipment was cramped a little too close even with all the extra space. But, definitely a good place to get a good pump and to test your will against the constant aroma of spiced fried chicken floating up from the mamak below.


Price per entry: RM10


Equipment variety: 3.5 /5

Equipment maintenance: 5 /5

Cleanliness: 4.5 /5

Shower?: Yes

Lockers?: Yes

Air-conditioning?: No

Parking?: Street parking

Overall score: 4.5 /5

Location & Contact Details:

1A Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur

Email: wowfitnessttdi@gmail.com

Contact: 018-254 8960

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WowFitnessTTDI/

Instagram: @wowfitnessttdi

Review by DT