A rusty-c gym in the middle of a housing area in the quaint area of Bukit Katil, Melaka.

No, I’m not joking about it being rusty. Notably the area may not bring in the highest of traffic to a gym but this place brings a whole new meaning to the term “hardcore iron gym”.

The facade of the gym was a bit misleading as I was quite surprised to find out that it actually took up two lots of the upper floors. So there are no worries in terms of space and equipment variety. Just that the equipment were the kind that my dad used to work out with in his younger days.










Condition of the equipment was not all that great as there are obvious wear and tear apart from all the rust. One such excample are the cables’ rubber sleeves being torn thus affecting the smoothness of the machine and causing it to snag/lag slighty when you use the machine.

Weights were loosing their rubber coatings and you could see the metal portions of the weight. I assume this affects the accuracy of the weight. So what I did was made sure that each side of the bar had one good condition weight plate with one half naked one just to sort of balance it out.

Cardio machines were in relative good order, again with rust all over them as well. Oh, you get to do your cardio with a view of the passing cars on the main road outside.


There is also a small room with mats for you to do your stretches or body weight cardio workouts. Though I believe this was meant more for the ladies who would like to workout with a little more privacy.



Toilets were pretty clean albeit rather small. The one with the sitting toilet had the water tank right above it. For a tall guy like me (6ft), its intimidating as my hair was brushing the wooden structure that was holding up the tank.


Nothing screams old school or small town with the shower being nothing more than a pipe sticking out of the wall.

There are no lockers provided but they do have cabinets for you to put your bags. A mark deduction was due to the fact that their 100plus can drinks were filthy. RM2 was a standard gym pricing but there was a dead bug stuck to the top of my can and an obvious layer of dust. I had to give it a good long wipe before I had the guts to drink from it.

All in all, if you want to get a feel of how it was like for your dad to get his workout done in his younger years, I think this place would be perfect for that sans the modern cardio machines.


PS: I was down with a pretty bad fever and flu when I went there so I was a bit hazy and forgot to take a photo of the membership rates. Terribly sorry about that.


Price per entry: RM5

Equipment variety: 4 /5

Equipment maintenance: 1.5 /5

Cleanliness: 2 /5

Shower?: Yes (kinda)

Lockers?: No (only cabinets)

Air-conditioning?: No

Parking?: Street parking

Overall score: 2.5 /5

Location & Contact Details:

Jalan Saujana 2/2

75450 Bukit Katil. Melaka.

Contact: 016-660 5444

Facebook: (pretty useless though)

Review by DT