Redline gym

I have always felt that the inner parts of Kota Damansara, further than Segi University to be a bit isolated or in the middle of no where. So, to come across a gym here was interesting and weird at the same time. Doesn’t help that it seemed a bit like a dodgy place. It became worse when you have to walk up a dimly lit stairway passing a snooker place on the first floor before reaching the gym on the second.






First thing I noticed walking in was that all the equipment seats/padding was wrapped in plastic. I didn’t ask but I assume it to help make the upholstery last longer and don’t wear out as fast.

Well apart from the somewhat weird feeling of the plastic while working out, the variety of equipment available was relatively good. Machines targeting every muscle group is available. Free weights were very well arranged but limited to one set for each weight level (1 set of 10kg, 1 set of 12.5kg etc). The machines were pretty well maintained so I got no complains there. A bit of rust here and there but nothing major.


This was an interesting machine that you do not see in most other gyms. See the one on the right in the photo above? It looks like the kind where old people use at the parks. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THERE WAS A MACHINE FOR THIS! Call me ignorant but…yeah. I was quite surprised.





The toilet was really narrow especially for someone like me who is pretty wide. And by that I mean broad shoulders…ok fine, fat, I’m fat. It was pretty clean except for the black toilet seat. There’s a shower but might be hard to take a proper shower with the limited space to move and the sink right in front of you.


Lockers are provided but I did not ask if there was a charge for it or anything as I just used the open shelves available behind the treadmills.

Another weird thing was their drinks and the price for each drink. Most places will just standardize bottled drinks, can drinks and mineral water prices. Not here though:

Gatorade – RM4

100 Plus (bottle) – RM3

Mineral water (bottle) – RM1 small, RM2 big

Overall, I wouldn’t say its that bad. Cleanliness-wise, it’s not very clean nor is it very dirty but it definitely had a grungy feel to it. If you don’t mind the general dodgy-ness of it, its a decent place for a workout. Needless to say, if I was given an option, I wouldn’t be signing up for a membership there.


Price per entry: RM5


Equipment variety: 3 /5

Equipment maintenance: 3.5 /5

Cleanliness: 3 /5

Shower?: Yes

Lockers?: Yes

Air-conditioning?: No

Parking?: Street parking (dodgy and messy though)

Overall score: 3 /5

Location & Contact Details:

283, Jalan Cecawi 6/19a,
Kota Damansara, 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: 012-231 4882


Review by DT